Holocenia is an invented name derived from Holocene-  the geological era during which humans developed the cognitive and social behaviors that lead to civilization as we know it. This body of work is a meditation on the human legend seen through the eyes of a future being discovering a post- anthropic world. In a modern- surrealist style memories of life on earth are shrouded in draped plastic and left to collect dust over millennia in bleak warehouse settings. Though humans are nowhere to be found in Holocenia there is evidence of conscious intervention hidden in each painting. Handprints and rudimentary finger drawings wipe away dust and push aside the plastic membrane to reveal the splendor of light, life, and human memories. Humanoid shadows traverse the backgrounds and foregrounds and here and there grainy telescopic astrological images and microscopic flora remind us of the mark humans have left on other worlds and the way we filter the meaning of those worlds through our terrestrial understanding of existence.